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BlogPulse Upgrades

BlogPulse introduced a number of upgrades,

indluding Profiles yesterday.  It’s not a user maintainable

profile, BlogPulse finds the data itself – for the top 10,000 blogs

that is. 

Considering Technorati’s performance issues and glitches the Blog Herald predicts the upgraded BlogPulse could become a Technorati slayer

Yesterday evening as news spread around the Blogosphere, the new

service became sloooooooow … than crashed – it is back up now …

well, that is if you pull up  dusty old IE, since  it does

not seem to display correctly with FireFox.   Just compare the two images below.



Update at 9:35am:  it is fixed now.

Update: 9:20am 7/25; the fix lasted a day, it’s now just as crappy as it was before in Firefox:-(

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  1. Profile: BlogPulse

    Company: BlogPulse
    Launched: Version 2.0 launched March 28, 2005
    Location: Cincinnati, OH
    What is it?
    BlogPulse is an exemplary real-time search engine, with additional features like trends, conversation tracker and blog profiles. It’s par…

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