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Creative Way to Fight Spam

Now that the Blue Frog is officially dead, I’ve come up with a creative way to fight at least some of the spam we all receive.  It only works with otherwise legitim products where you can identify not the spammer, but the company whose product or service is being pushed.  Find the email address of a company executive; send a polite email telling them from now on you will forward all their spam until they can stop it; then set up an autofilter to do just that: forward all spam to the individual’s email address, deleting the original from yours.

Please note, I’ve only said it’s a creative way, as a theoretical approach,  I have no clue about legal ramifications, so am not recommending you follow this method.  Perhaps a lawyer-reader can jump in here (?)

Thanks to Panda software for providing the inspiration. (scroll down to updates).

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