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Zoho Office Suite is Now Complete

What a timing! When I wrote about Zoho yesterday, two products I mentioned, Zoho Show and Drive were still in the “pipeline”, unannounced, I simply guessed the URL’s. Today Zoho Show has been released as a “public beta”, and with this move we now have the first Ajax-based Office 2.0 Suite:

When I say complete, I simply mean that we now have a web-based service for the main applications that make up part of MS Office – completeness by far does not imply that Zoho is done for now. In fact, here’s a partial list of their additional offerings: Zoho Creator is a quick and easy application generator, Zoho Planner is an organizer, Zoho Drive is online storage (yet to be released).

The company also has business applications like “Virtual Office” and Zoho CRM, and a few other utilities to be found at the main Zoho page.

Instead of repeating myself, here’s a quick reference to my two previous posts on the significance of the Zoho Suite:

There’s also a good summary at ZDNet: Zoho releases Ajax presentation app – last piece of Web Office jigsaw?

Update (6/24): TechCrunch profiles Zoho Show.

Update (6/27): Office 2.0 evangelist Ismael Ghalimi agrees: Zoho is Complete.

Update (6/28): I was one of the first to complain how slow the PPT import to Zoho process was, so I’m really happy to announce that the Zoho team fixed it.  Now you can jumpstart your presentation by quickly uploading an existing Powerpoint deck.   I really love the responsiveness Zoho has shown repeatedly.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    But you do not get the benefits of Duet -)

  2. Anonymous says:

    I think this is a great start. Though for many users out there a limited feature set will suffice – It would be nice if ZOHO publishes there roadmap with regards to feature set and timeline. I mostly use very basic editing features. I will keep an eye on ZOHO from now on.

    Kudos ZOHO for making progress. Let the best online application win.

    PS: Guys at Redmond, start coding faster or ZOHO may beat you at the online game. ;-)


  3. Anonymous says:


    Our roadmap is pretty flexible. It changes on a weekly basis. Roadmap for 3 months is a ‘long term’ from our view as we work on a weekly basis and priorities change weekly. Information on what we are working on is generally available in our blogs. We will try to put out something out on a broad roadmap.


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