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Controversial Blog Advertising

The Blog-ad to the right is from Guy Kawasaki’s blog. I don’t really understand why Guy runs it – in fact I wonder if he paid attention to what this really is. Don’t get me wrong, this is not an “anti-Guy” rant, what I dislike is Class Action Suits, and stupid advertising in general.

I don’t think I am alone thinking that class action lawsuit are controversial, to say the least. Sure, they provide a way to curtail companies “evil” behavior – but provide little to no benefit to individual “class members”. In fact it’s widely known that the only party benefiting from settlements are the lawyers. For everyone else involved it’s a lot of hoopla for nothing.

As for the particular case, I admit I don’t know Alltel and their “My Circle” program: for all I know they may truly be evil, but this class action suit solicitation provides a link to them anyway, potentially boosting their business – not very smart, if you ask me.

Another link reveals the lead plaintiff’s background: he spent his life representing us, the “little man” against “bad industries”. Here’s a typical case:

“In 1998 a crossed leg, revealing a slouchy, wrinkled sock, falsely identified me as an untrustworthy loafer to other members of an important real estate consortium, costing me my seat on the board. After suing the sock company for damages, new industry standards were put in place, ensuring that the same fate won’t happen to you..”

Hm… personally, I would not want to be in a board where I can lose membership due to wrinkled socks :-) Seriously, Guy, do you really want to promote this angry man’s next tirade?

Update: While typing this up, I’ve just received an email solicitation to join (start?) another class action lawsuit, against Panda Software for their spam. I politely declined. I found my own creative way to stop Panda’s spam, and it worked. Case closed. I’m not interested in spending my life fighting.

Update: (7/30). OK, I bought it.  It’s a spoof .. or viral ad, whatever you want to call it. There is no class action lawsuit, only the campaign bu Alltel. Thanks to Thatedeguy for being doubtful enough .. (see his comment below). I digged further and I think he is right.

Update #3 (7/30): Guy Kawasaki confirms it’s a spoof, an ad run by Alltel. I’m glad to see we’re on the same page as far as the “class action lawsuit” is concerned, i.e. he rejected it when he thought it was real. Thanks, for coming over to comment, Guy!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I can’t say with utmost certainty, but I believe the PAMCF class-action suit is a spoof.

    In fact, on the page you are led to, if you click trial, you get showing pictures of the actor in the “my circle” television spots.

    Underneath it all, it is merely a cleverly concocted advertisement campaign.

  2. Anonymous says:


    Interesting, I first rejected the ad for the same reason. Then Blogads wrote me to tell me it’s a spoof and actually Alltel’s ad.

    That’s why it’s running. I must admit, though, it’s very hard to figure out it’s a spoof.


  3. Anonymous says:

    I saw this ad on a blod I often visit, and was curious, so I googled “alltel classaction.” I got linked to this blog among other sites. Interestingly enough, Alltel MyCircle never pops up, only a lot of negative Alltel commentary. Seems like a half thought-up ad scheme if that’s what a search pulls up. I never clicked the ad itself, as the link directed me to and was a bit weary as to what that may be.

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