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Zooomr is On the Way to Recovery – with Help from Zoho

Zooomr, the hardware-challenged photo-sharing startup is on the way to recovery.  I’ll post more details after they make their announcement (or come up live), but for now here’s a live video feed showing the Zooomr team (Kristopher & Thomas) working with Zoho’s Raju Vegesna on recovering their system at Zoho’s data center.


You may also want to read Thomas Hawk’s comment on Robert Scoble’s blog.

Update: Scoble has a new post with updates.



  1. Positive Press for Zoho and Sun Microsystems

    I am sure by now we have all heard the issues that Zooomr has encountered – they tried to perform a major upgrade and a bad scenario happened and now they have been down for a week plus.
    Scoble posted a story about how Zoho (and Sun Microsystems) saves…

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