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Blogspot Down – Yawn

Blogspot appears to have been down for most of the day – yet I’m not hearing cries all over the Blogosphere.  This is in sharp contrast to the recent major  Typepad outage , where the world seemed to have come to an end    Is it the “you get what you pay for” effect, i.e. a free service can go down anytime, or is it the fact that Power-bloggers who can generate a lot of noise are all on Typepad?


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  1. I must have missed it, just check a few sites I read on the service and they are all up.

  2. Yes, it’s back now, was down for most of the day. What’s interesting is that within half an hour my blog visitor count surged: it was all hits from Google Blog Search with the argument “blogspot down”.

    Which is exactly the point: zero communication from Google, hence my little-nothing-post became the 3rd or 4th hit for the above search.

  3. Google’s Blogger suffers serious outages

    Google’s Blogger/ Blogspot blog hosting service has experienced major outages over the last three days, locking users out of their blogs and causing general disruption to users of the service.

    MCBConsulting writes at the Weblog Empire forums that th…

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