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Another Excel Security Hole? Yawn… It’s Safer in the Cloud:-)

Attack code for a new security hole in Excel has surfaced on the Internet, just as Microsoft is scrambling to respond to a separate bug in the spreadsheet program.”reports ZDNet.

Yawn…. same old story. I’ve lost track of the numerous bugs, patches that further and further disable my computer. I’ve told you: it’s safer “in the Cloud

And yes, I know Zoho Writer, Writely or Zoho Sheet can’t match the capabilities of MS Word or Excel: so the 10% of the world who need all the sophisticated features… well you’re still stuck in Microsoft Prison. The rest of us enjoy the freedom of Office 2.0.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    There are various online spreadsheets working in different directions, includes EditGrid and Numbler which you may want to give a try. They incorporated reat-time-update which distinguishes themself from the others.

    You may visit EditGrid_v._Google which shows a comparison between EditGrid and Google Spreadsheets.

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