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A Kalashnikov for Everyone

Seth Godin reports:  The 83 year old inventor of the Kalashnikov rifle (which has probably killed more people than the atomic bomb) traded his name for 30% of a company that makes umbrellas.

The new Kalashnikov-branded umbrella is believed to be un upgraded (2.0) version of the well-tested reliable model:

UmbrellaGun has the details:  As for spy gadgets, these have been many and varied over the years, with perhaps the most famous being the KGB’s so-called “umbrella gun”. This relatively low-tech but highly effective device utilized a compressed gas cylinder to fire a tiny metal pellet containing ricin, a highly toxic poison. The umbrella gun first came to Western attention in September 1978, when KGB agents used it to liquidate Bulgarian dissident Georgi Markov. Markov, who was “accidentally” jabbed in the leg by a stranger on London’s Waterloo Bridge, had been broadcasting the abuses of Bulgarian Communist leader Todor Zhikov over BBC Radio.

This may not be the weapon  of choice in California… or  Arizona


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