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Web 2.x Conferences at Your Price

The Big Week is coming… and you get to pick how much you’re willing to pay for being “there”.   If you got invited and coughed up $3,500, you can be at the Web 2.0 Conference which is actually no longer a conference but a Summit.  If you didn’t make it there, don’t worry, thanks to Chris Pirillo, here’s the summary:



Of course if you want to get ahead of the crowd, you can upgrade… all the way to  Web 2.2

The 2.2 upgrade is considerably less expensive, registration is only $32.95.  Of course it’s all so relative, the original Web 2.1 which I had a chance to sponsor was a mere $2.80 – yes, that’s not a mistake, $2.80.   Now, if we do a little trendspotting, we can figure out what one of the talk topics will be about: at Web 2.3 and Beyond, What’s Really Next? they will have to decide whether to increase next year’s price to $329.50. smile_speedy

(OK, just kidding, $32.95 is still affordable)

Happy (Un)Conferencing next week.  Oh, and if you’re not attending any of these events, meet Guy Kawasaki, dozens of VC’s and 30 or so startups here. (The Lamborghini is not included in registrationsmile_wink)



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