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Art of the Start / Launch Silicon Valley with Guy Kawasaki – Last Minute Discount

This is a reprint of a previous post, because with 250 registrations I can now offer the few remaining tickets at a huge discount ($49 vs $199) at this special link.

Mark November 8th, Wednesday on

your calendar for a full-day entrepreneurial

super-event (actually two) at the Microsoft Conference

Center in Mountain View.

At 8am SVASE

will present The Art of the

Start, a conference all about helping

entrepreneurs succeed, offering time-tested, battle-hardened business

strategies and the opportunity to meet experienced entrepreneurs and


The drought of the past few years is over

and venture capital is flowing again. But starting a high tech business

is no less challenging and demanding than it’s ever been, even in an

environment of venture capital overhang.


talent and winning ideas are never enough. Whether you’re an

entrepreneur in a garage, dorm room, lab or inside a big company, there

are fundamental business insights and skills you need

to succeed.

  Start-up authority and

popular business author Guy

Kawasaki and experts from Garage, along with Silicon Valley

leaders and mavericks, venture capitalists, and successful start-up

CEOs explore the art of starting up.

The conference

includes breakfast and lunch, including a Fireside Chat with

Guy Kawasaki and

Mike Arrington of  TechCrunch.  

Check out the agenda

here, then rush to register

Rush, as Early Bird registration ends tomorrow, November 3rd. (Yes, I

know, posting this late, sorry…)


The conference ends

at 3:30, and an hour later a related event, Launch: Silicon

Valley starts at the same venue.

Launch: Silicon Valley is an

opportunity for the next generation of emerging technology companies

will to tell their stories to the world – literally, as the event will

be videotaped and broadcast later.   Over 150 startup

submissions from all over the country, several European countries and

as far as New Zealand have been reviewed by an Advisory Board of

investors and executives. The 30 most interesting companies have been

invited to participate in the “Launch: Silicon Valley”

showcase, and 15 of these companies have

also been invited to deliver product

presentation to an audience of Silicon

Valley’s leading movers and shakers.

Product presentations will take place in three

categories, 5 companies each:

  • Information Technology, Communications & related


  • Life Science, Material Science,


  • Consumer &


Please check out the complete

agenda, and again, rush to register,

as Early Bird pricing ends tomorrow, November 3rd for this

event, too.  The Registration site allows you to book both

events together, or any of them selectively.


for the surprise: Silicon Valley Auto

Group will be displaying Aston Martin, Bentley, and

Lamborghini cars at both events, and I’m hearing they’ll schedule

test-drives.  I’m sure half the participants – the cream of

the Valley VC community – can actually afford these cars… as for the

other half, the Entrepreneurs, how is this for an incentive? 


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