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Zoli’s Z-life

I’m living a Z-life.. quite fitting for a Z-guy.  I’m a life-long Z-lister, writing this post in Zoho Writer and embedding photos from Zooomr

I frequently use several other Zoho apps, especialy Sheets and Show, and am previewing a few more to come. (But no, rumors of me being renamed to Zoho Zoli are not substantiated smile_thinking)

I labeled Zvents  Probably the Best Event Calendar in the World! and  I think I was right, even though I use it less often nowadays.  But that won’t keep me from joining the celebration partymartini

Any other Z-apps I should use?

Update (12/16):  I guess being a Z-lister comes with certain perks, Robert Scoble counts on Z-listers.

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  1. lol, nice one Mr Z!

  2. Heheh! You’re definitely the Z-lister I’ll call from now on.

  3. The Rush to the Z-list


    Seth Godin set up a Z-list of marketing-related blogs with the idea of sending some traffic their way.  It did not quite work the way he expected:

    “Several bloggers worked hard to game the list I posted, instructing folks …

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