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The Most Absurd Case of Patent Trolling

This is way beyond reality:

Disc Link, a California company claims to have a patent for hyperlinking from a CD to the Web, reports InformationWeek.

“U.S. Patent No. 6,314,574, is assigned to Disc Link and governs “an information distribution system [that] encodes a first set of digital data on a plurality of portable read-only storage devices. Additional information is stored in a database that is accessible by using a bi-directional channel.”

In the patent owner’s interpretation this covers URLs.  The entire World can be sued, so they started with companies like Borland, Business Objects, Compuware, Corel, Eastman Kodak, Novell, Oracle and SAP.   Disc Link vs. The World.

As usual, Techdirt delivers some background.

I’m scared.  Not sure whether I am in violation of a patent for typing on my keybord… using the mouse… watching the creen.  Tomorrow I’ll file a broad patent on watching TV, eating breakfast, driving a car… on LIFE. 


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