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Zoho Office on Facebook

Zoho Office on iPhone is yesterday’s news: today they are on Facebook, becoming the first Web-based Office Suite available on the new “platform”. You can browse, display and edit your Zoho Writer, Sheet and Show documents, or create new ones.

Quite frankly I’m still not sure what I am doing on Facebook. I’ve long considered LinkedIn my “home base” and resisted joining other networks, but since Facebook opened up to the world, and more importantly since publishing their API’s and becoming Platform Central, I’ve received so many invitations from my business contacts, I could no longer resist. Sounds familiar? smile_wink I still don’t know where this will lead – just read Fred Wilson’s post on Facebook’s Age Distribution. It’s still predominantly a college-age network.

Nevertheless, it’s a huge distribution channel for Zoho: discount or not, college students are not exactly known to shell out dollars for software, including MS Office, they live in a wired environment and tend to be online and collaborate a lot. Whether Facebook becomes a “businessy” network or not, just for the student market alone this was a smart move on Zoho’s part.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I pretty much agree with you. Facebook intrigues me, but I can’t figure out the purpose of it for my uses.

    And seriously, nothing more embarrassing than accidentally clicking the “hooked up with” for a coworker in that “how do you know this person” dialog…

    If they want to really get business adoption, there need to be some more “businessy” options there.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Haha, that’s hilarious… has it actually happened to you? :-)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Fortunately, not yet. But I was one click away from it last week!

    I’m sure it would’ve been a new and novel way to get involved in a lawsuit ;-)

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