Customer Support Horror Stories

The last day of the year brought two Customer Support Horror Stories, from two Jeremies. 

Quite a reading, side by side….   I don’t know about Netgear, but Dell had enough time to learn from their Jeff Jarvis fiasco.  They lost measurable sales, let alone the intangible damage they caused to themselves. Perhaps 2006 will be the year companies realize that for every 100 or so mistreated customer there is a high-powered blogger who will publish their story?  Anything  less then excellent customer service is going to be very-very costly.

Update (12/31):  Gee, it must be really slow if this made it to Memeorandum 🙂

Update (1/09): Customer Service, Dell, Yahoo, Flames and Blogs  

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  1. Zoli

    11am in the morning 1 Jan here, I’m sure it will pick up as the day progresses.

  2. Haha, I am still in the old year for 4 more hours 🙂

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