Guess the eBay Bid and You May Win the Very Last TechCrunch Party Ticket

The TechCrunch party at August Capital will likely be the most lavish one – just look at the impressive list of party sponsors (see logos at the bottom).  There are 760 names on the attendance list, and yours truly holds the last position on the wiki – hey, I am a rock-solid Z-lister forever:-)

Mike Arrington put up the last two tickets for bidding on eBay, and he will donate all proceeds to the Entrepreneurs Foundation, a Bay Area non-profit organization.

And now the big news: there may potentially be one more ticket to win – right here. How high do you think bidding will go? Fill out the form below, and you can be the winner. (I’ve just realized that the script may not come through in a feed, so please click back to my post to access the form). The guess closest to winning bid amount will be awarded by:

  • A drink and photo with Mike Arrington if you are already on the attendee list (hey, there may be a kiss, too, but I can’t commit Mike to that )
  • The very last ticket, if you are not yet on the list.

Note: I will be closing the poll at 10am on the day of the party, The eBay bid will close at 4:15pm. Winner will be published and notified by email as soon as payment is verified. (i.e. the bid has to be real).   Update: The poll is now closed. The winner of the free

ticket is David Gobaud from Stanford, who guessed $537, and the winning

eBay bid was $501. Congrat’s and see you there!

Proof that this is for real:

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  1. Friday I left a guess here via the ‘zoho creator’ poll. Just now, I received a phishing email to the one-time-use email address I provided.

    Can you find out how that address get leaked to scammers?

  2. Hi Gordon, The list view of the database is actually public and so is the spreadsheet where I saved it to share with Mike. Although I am not pointing to them from the blog, somebody browsing Zoho creator or Zoho Sheet files could have found them. I removed the email column from both just now.

    I don’t have a better theory, but let’s see if the Zoho team does (?)

  3. Zoli, you are right. Since the spreadsheet is public and listed from, it is quite possible that someone might have used those email addresses. We have plans to provide public sheets which are not listed in at the same time available for viewing without logging in via an encrypted URL. This should solve this problem to a certain extent.

  4. Thanks for tracking that down and adjusting the visibility. (Though, I see that clicking the arrow drop down per row will pop up a lightbox with the email address.)

    Oh, well, another email address ‘burnt’. Never trust an input box!

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