Statcounter Dead?

Is Statcounter down?  It appears to be quite dead for the second day in a row, but I can’t find any blogposts about it …

Update (9/5): As commenters point it out, and now that I am back, I can confirm, there is nothing wrong with statcounter.  Only the $10.95/day hotel coonection would not let me access it .


  1. It’s been working for me. I’m in central US. Haven’t had any problems at all.

  2. Zoli,

    I have been using it without any issues – i am in the Bay Area.

    Probably, something might be wrong with your ISP/DNS/blah_blah :).

    Talking of down, check out some of the URLs in the new Google Groups page – many of them are down … what is happening to the world 🙂

    — Thyaga

  3. I am in Canada and it has not been even loading the webpage for over a week. Also, it messed up my page that I can’t post to it…

  4. Statcounter has far worse problems then any mere temporary server glitches, arguments with PayPal or anyone else! Their entire site went down in early July 2008, after being in business for 8 years on the net. (I had been using them for the last 6.)

    Without any warning, all my pages went blank where the Statcounter numbers should be showing, and link pages to them, even including their blogs and forums, now all either come up blank or redirect to an unrelated fake search engine company.

    Just look at Alexa, and you’ll see that their graph chart for Statcounter clearly shows visits to the Statcounter site started dropping like a rock in July.

    So what happened to Statcounter, anyway? I heard something in June about them converting to some improved system then, but that should have long since taken effect. If it didn’t work, why didn’t they just stick with their current version? At any rate, it’s a total mess, and I have yet to get even ONE email from Statcounter about this!

    I can only assume at this point that they’ve gone out of business.

  5. Ed,

    There was a fire in their host’s data center which knocked them out for a few days. After comning back online they displayed a warning about the missing data for those few days, but other than that, they are back in business, I am still using them.

    Incidentally, your site brings a “Sorry, Service Temporarily Unavailable” message by Yahoo.

  6. Statcounter has been inactive for over a week for me. In fact, it’s counter is no longer on my websites. When I go to their home page, most of their pages no longer function. Are there others out there still with service?

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