After SaaS Here Comes SbP: (Microsoft) Software By Parachute

Microsoft invented (?) a new software delivery model: Software by Parachute.   Apparently they blanketed the town of Willow Springs, IL with aerial droppings of the new Accounting software.  If the embedded player does not work, watch the videos here and here. (hat tip: Julius Danilevsky)



Note: I have no way to verify if this is a hoax or real, but I suppose we’ll know within hours.



  1. Anonymous says:

    Whether it is or it isn’t, it doesn’t matter much – great stunt, great YouTubing!


  1. […] To connect exciting, game-changing social entrepreneurial movements to things like Microsoft dropping copies of Office Accounting software via parachute just doesn’t compute (interestingly Microsoft has since discontinued the Office Accounting […]

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