The Rush to the Z-list


Seth Godin set up a Z-list of marketing-related blogs with the idea of sending some traffic their way.  It did not quite work the way he expected:

Several bloggers worked hard to game the list I posted, instructing folks to vote other (worthy) blogs down. That’s sad.”

What a surprise.

smile_sarcastic  It somewhat reminds me of the fight that often goes on on reddit, where gangs of users downmod new posts only to keep theirs on top. (Hey, it’s only fair to pick on reddit, now that their owner, Wired picked on digg

smile_angry )   Another recent example is the 43 Best Blogs wiki, a social experiment that became quite a fight: people kept on deleting others and adding themselves several months later…

Of course I am in a convenient position, being a  life-long  Z-lister


Update (12/30):   Steve Rubel’s New Year Resolution is to highlight new voices. So.. is that the … R-list?

And now I commit the despicable act of sucking up, sucking down, laterally ..etc, by linking to others posting on the subject:

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  1. Coming in 07 – The Un-List? Thanks for…being despicable?… linking around.

  2. He Mike, you’re thinking the same as I did:

    What does this make me, being put on this list?

    A minusZ-Lister? 😉

    Happy New Year all

  3. Zoli Erdos! You ARE despicable. Or draconian. And deft. On Seth’s words: I doubt his motives were completely altruistic.

  4. I *love* these anonymous comments 🙂

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