Not Your Average 12-year-old

Would you believe the man on this photo is 12 years old?  I certainly wouldn’t.  How he fooled a town, school teachers, principals into believing him is beyond me.  But that’s exactly what Neil Havens Rodreick II did.

The 29-year old “convicted sex offender attended at least two Arizona middle schools, sat through seventh-grade courses and turned in homework as he moved around the state pretending to be 12 years old, officials say.”

OK, so maybe it’s just me … I don’t see him “baby-faced” like school staff did.  But wait, it gets better weirder.

He lived with two man, ages 43 and 61, who regularly had sex with him, thinking he really was 12.  Now, hm … without getting into the very details, how can you not tell a man from a child while having sex with him?  

Surprised?  So are the two men who felt very “upset” that their live-in sex partner turned out to be an adult.  Now they are facing charges of attempted child molestation and attempted sexual contact with a minor – since they really thought Rodreick was a minor.

Lots of surprises in this town.  Perhaps not so surprisingly – after all, it’s in Surprise, Arizona.

Full story and  video on CNN.  



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