More Poison for You – Buzz Donuts

As if donuts were not unhealthy enough (they are basically a big fat sugar-bomb), they might soon be laced with caffeine.  (hat tip: Christine Herron)

A scientist found the way to mask the normal bitterness of caffeine so that it can be used in food and pastry products such as bagels and donuts.  He’s in talks with Krispy Kreme, Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts… watch out for Double Poison.

I just wonder if someone will be crazy enough to come up with “decaf buzz donuts”. smile_sick



  1. You have to love the creativity of someone that would in any way add caffiene to a Donut. I can just imagine a good sugary confection having enough caffiene that you could skip the cup of coffee. With enough caffiene you might be able to reverse the calories in the Donut by staying “Busy” for a couple of hours. Thanks for the post.

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