The Scary Thing about Contextual (?) Advertising

No matter how much ad-placement algorithms improve the inevitable mistake happens from time to time.  The article on Yahoo News discusses how Eastern European countries who agree to host  the US missile defense system risk being targeted by Russian missiles.  Now, what better ad to display, than a cute little Yahoo Rocket? smile_sad

Of course this is not as extreme as this ad right after Katrina hit New Orleans:

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    Here's another case of contextual advertising producing really, really inappropriate results: I was watching the CNN video about Iran kidnapping British Navy personnel from their boats, when the ad in the bottom slid in: "Life is better with a boat.&…

  2. Anonymous says

    I read that the Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was on 14 May in Moscow for a two-day visit to repair the United States’ fraying relationship with Russia. The countries discussed Russia’s objections to a U.S.-led missile defense system for Eastern Europe.

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