Sell Software – Ship T-Shirts

That’s a line stolen from Atlassian’s CEO:

“When you’re selling virtual goods, having something concrete to tie it to is a good idea. That’s why we ship t-shirts all around the planet on a monthly basis. If you buy any top-tier Atlassian product, we ship a t-shirt to your desk.

If you’re going to make a corporate t-shirt, make it fun like Tangosol’s “Coherence – Don’t get fluster clucked”, our “JIRA – Because You’ve Got Issues” etc. If it’s boring, people are that much less likely to wear it.”

Atlassian just issued T-shirt 2.0, and indeed, they are funsmile_teeth (see all of them here.)

P.S. They won yet another award – but hey, that’s not even news anymore smile_wink

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