Atlassian is Hiring a VP of Marketing

I don’t typically broadcast job searches, but I’m breaking that tradition now for a few reasons.

1: Cool cartoon smile_wink

2: Atlassian is a great company, that I wrote about quite a few times. Being “great” means not only $ucce$$ful, fast-growing, but also a good team to be part of.

3: Transparency. I just wrote about this recently, and Atlassian President Jeffrey Walker proves it again, by sharing his thoughts on the hiring process. I agree with almost all his points, except #8, the backup plan: Executive Recruiters. I think Atlassian is still at a size where they are better off finding the right candidate through their personal network – or they may face situations like this.

So while it looks like they are well on their way finding the right person, if you, or somebody you know are the candidate they’ve been waiting for, contact Jeffrey NOW. Somehow I think the beer-test might be relaxed this time.

But be warned: great company as it is, it’s also a dangerous bunch! smile_shades


  1. Jeffrey Walker says

    What can I say? Thanks, man. I do think we’ll wrap this up soon [knock on wood]. And I promise for some transparency on the latter stages of our recruitihng for this job.

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