Technorati Split into Two

Technorati redesigned again –  as expected, the initial feedback is rather mixed.  Robert Scoble likes it, so does parislemon, most commenters on TechCrunch are fairly critical.  My quick assessment:

The original Technorati home page is busy, the ticker is useless, and when I click on search, I get few results and a lot of crap, it takes another click to get a list of relevant (?) posts.  That’s by design, they are trying to re-profile themselves, moving away from blog-search, into multi-media.  I am missing the authority filter though.  Imperfect as it is, the authority filter was a way to get rid of bots, typically blogs with 0 inbound links that scrape content from other sites.

There is a simple, “googlyfied” Technorati though, at – simple, fast (!), focusing on blog posts, and this one has the authority filter, which is the only reason I haven’t switched to Google Blog Search yet.  The “S” version will be my new default Technorati from now on. (For the “ego trip”   I still have to go back to the old one…)




  1. Anonymous says:

    I miss the graphs they used to have.

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