Technical Support the G-way and the Z-way

This post will sound like a commercial… and in a way it is.  I rarely do this.  I am an Advisor to Zoho, and obviously biased, but I am not a “product pusher” and when I write about Zoho I typically do it in the context of a “bigger picture”.  This one was hard to resist though. 

Krish, a Zoho Notebook user recently lost two hours of work. That’s obviously bad – but the Zoho support team was working on recovering his information within hours, and they added the auto-save feature to NoteBook within days.  When I first discovered Zoho a good year ago, I wrote about their responsiveness, and I’m glad to see it hasn’t changed since then.

Remember, this is for a single incident of a single user – contrast it to Google’s ho-hum approach when a hundred or so users lost the entire content of their Gmail account, or the fact that the Google Apps account chaos which renders Apps useless for certain early users (those who signed up at the pre-launch beta stage) is not even expected to be fixed until Q3 2007.

Feature-comparisons aside, customer service is one of the key reasons why I believe the Office 2.0, Productivity 2.0 (?) market is not a winner-takes-all: there will always be room for smaller players who provide fast, personalized support.


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