Hungarians Reclaim World Record for Kissing

I’m proud to report that my fellow Hungarians broke the Guinness World Record for simultaneous kissing when 6,400+ couples joined lips outside the Parliament building in Budapest.

Hungary has been engaged in a kissing duel with the Philippines since 2004, when 5,327 couples kissed in Manila, followed by new records in Budapest in 2005 and 6,124 couples in Manila again this February.  The French also tried it last year but failed spectacularly.

What can I say?  The square outside Parliament has been cordoned off for months following violent protests last fall – better kiss than fight! Kiss 3

My only complaint is … where’s the Youtube video?


P.S. Ouch, Vinnie has just missed it



  1. Anonymous says:

    just keep the drool away from my beer -)

  2. Wow..interesting record..


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