Google vs. Microsoft: I Find Myself on the "Wrong" Side

I’m not exactly known as a Microsoft-fan (see earlier posts at the bottom), yet I can’t help but side with MS in the current Google vs Microsoft kerfuffle.  Apparently Google is not satisfied with the changes to Vista MS agreed to, and still claims that “Microsoft’s hardwiring of its own desktop search product into Windows Vista violates the final judgment in this case.”

Here’s the problem: there really should not be a product named Desktop Search. Only desktop find – and it’s not a product.  Being able to retrieve whatever I myself placed on my hard disk should be a fundamental feature of the computer – and that means the Operating System.  The fact is, for two decades Microsoft has failed to deliver this capability miserably and that opened up an opportunity for others, be it Google, Yahoo, or my personal favorite, Copernic.  I don’t have a Vista machine, and I don’t plan to buy one, so I really can’t compare how good the built-in MS search find is, and it doesn’t matter anyway.

The point is: now that Vista is (supposedly) capable to find stuff it placed on the computer, let’s not complain about the operating system finally doing what it should have been doing in the first place. Those who still do, might want to read this satirical (?) piece.

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  1. Anonymous says

    guy, you are clueless.

    Google is not complaining that Vista has a search tool. Google is complaining that M$ built Vista to block any change to the search tool, not letting users to setup the search tool to use Google instead of MSN Crappy tool.

    Only an expert can change Vista to use tools from other providers to search and even so, Vista slow downs the results, to make the user think that the tool sucks and MSN is cool, when the contrary is the truth.

    So, research before posting.

  2. Anonymous says

    That’s exactly the very question of whether finding files on a PC is an “application” that MS arbitrarily bundled with Vista, vs. an integral feature of the operating system itself.

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