Dvorak on Bubble 2.0

So it’s John Dvorak’s turn to predict Bubble 2.0. Yawn. Why now?

Of course there will be a Bubble – booms are always followed by a bust. Oh, and by the way, I should be a stock-market millionaire: I made all the right calls. Too bad my timing was always off. Timing is everything.

One day we’ll all claim we had spotted Bubble 2.0. These say-nothing article lay the grounds just for that – so one day we can all look smart. Again.

Oh, well. This reminds me, I haven checked my favorite Bubble 2.0 site for a while. Wow! The last post was in August 2006. And a real surprise: the site is run by fellow Enterprise Irregular, Moonwatcher, SyncMeister Charlie Wood. (last I quoted Bubble 2.0 I did not realize it was Charlie’s work). In fact he started Bubble 2.0 (which, I repeat, is a good site, sans the timing) in 2004. But why did he abandon it? Perhaps it had to do with the fact that he got super-busy with his growing business, Spanning Sync – a sure sign of a Bubble, isn’t it? smile_wink

Update: As much as I claim to Connect the dots I’ve failed to notice the the connection between this post and my previous one, on Elton John. Thankfully, Matthew Ingram didn’t – his title hits the nail on the head: Troll alert: The two Johns — Elton and Dvorak. Hilarious.

Update (8/2): By this morning this has bubbled up to the top of TechMeme:

Silicon Alley Insider, CrunchGear, A VC, CostPerNews, MYBLOG by Ouriel, JD on EP, Marshall Kirkpatrick, Master of 500 Hats, Business Week, Ajaxian,, Don Dodge (gotta love this:” The real bubble that is bursting here is Dvorak’s influence“), Venture Chronicles, Scobleizer, the Constant Observer, Socialtext, Defrag, Industry Girl

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