Apple iPhones for 99 cents

Have you purchased a $1,500 iPhone? Well, now you could stand in line just as long and get it for $0.99 – yes that’s ninety-nine cents only.

The catch? You have to be in the first 9 customers at 99¢ Only Stores’ 25th Anniversary Celebration.

I wonder why 9 only … 99 would have been more appropriate for 99 (c) Only. I guess they are… hm.. there’s no better way to say it, so I will just say: cheap. Funny thing is, 99¢ Only Stores may very well be the only business proudly waring the “cheap” badge. After all, they’ve built a business on being cheap. 😉

Update: Standing in a long line is definitely a better deal than what this man went through

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