My Not-so-Broad Broadband

The Internet seems to be crawling today.. so I did a little speedtest, and can’t believe my eyes:

Holy smoke! Please don’t tell Comcast, they might just have the idea of billing me extra. But it still feels sloooow.


  1. Zoli you really don’t know what its like here in NZ.

    4019kbps down, 121 kbps up – and that’s at a site within the CBD. I live 1 hour from the city and I average around 300kbps down!

  2. C’mon, Ben, my point is this test is somehow all messed up. Unless they secretly quadrupled their capacity, Camcast has never offered such speeds. And I’m seeing those numbers on a day when my connection is spotty at best.

  3. I still bet that you on a slow day is better than me on a fast day

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