R.I.P. Netscape

Mike @ TechCrunch gets sentimental over the death of Netscape Navigator, the first real browser that opened up the Internet to all of us.

Oh, well, shed no tears for Netscape; after all, it’s not really dead. In fact it’s very much alive…it’s just called FireFox now.Firefox 2

(Photo Credit: Opera Watch)

Update: Of course this is now the story du jour on TechMeme, especially on a slow day like this. Good Morning Silicon Valley has an interesting angle:

The younger and colder-eyed among you might say good riddance or about time, but for those whose first experiences with the Web took place inside a Netscape window, who eagerly jumped to download (on dial-up) each new point release, the passing still evokes some fond nostalgia for those early, heady days.

Hm… my first online experience was Compuserve, via a dumb blank screen, where you had to type in commands a’la DOS. Somehow I am not longing to get it back. Netscape was great at a time.. but for now, I think TechDirt’s title says it all: Wait… AOL Was Still Making A Netscape Browser? Or perhaps this Digg commenter: AOL is still around?smile_sarcastic


  1. I will never forget the good old Netscape days, but they are indeed a thing of my never forgotten past! Netscape nourished my roots giving them the water they needed to grow. I try to always remember my roots, taking what they taught me along side on my journey into the future.

    “For it is only they who realize who they were – that will one day understand what they’ve become. Our past makes us stronger!”

    RIP Netscape

  2. I had a c**p old Cyrix based pc with a very early 28k software moden when Netscape Nav was all the rage in the late 90's and for whatever I used Netscape the modem would drop out, I suspect the modem didnt like whatever it was doing so I had to use IE 2 and then 3 lol


  1. […] to download versions of the program, without support. Meanwhile, TechCrunch, Web Worker Daily, and Zoli Erdos all mourn the announcement. I wish I could share their feelings, but I’ve never really used […]

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