MyBlogLog Blew Up Again

This was supposed to be a good day for MyBlogLog: they released a shiny new widget. Not that they announced it.. so let’s start the conspiracy theories:

  • they knew it didn’t work, so wanted to keep it secret
  • everyone still left in Yahoo is busy interviewing elsewhere
  • insert your ownsmile_wink

The reason I discovered the new widget was un unrelated (?) glitch: all of a sudden it does not know me. It’s not a cookie/browser issue, last time it happened was around the conversion to Yahoo logins, and they said it was account-related. (see Tired of Repeatedly Signing in to Mybloglog). Of course I started to search for similar problems and found a user talking about the new widget. Congrat’s, a well-kept secret!

OK, let’s install the new goodie. Oops, I hate the color choices and they won’t let me customize them…. oh, well.. go ahead anyway. Blog comes up blank. Again. Again. Hm… as it turns out, the MyBlogLog Widget can’t hold the new script. I’m not kidding, save it, come back and see it all blank.

There’s of course a simple solution: forget the plugin, just open up a new text widget and copy the script there. Voila! Here’s the new, shiny-yet-ugly widget.

Except it (widget and site) still does not remember who I am. And I refuse to login every single time.smile_angry

Update: Webgrrl can’t install it, either. Well, here’s your fix!

Update: the widget code is now fixed.


  1. I wish it was that easy — even using a text widget and pasting the code in it doesn’t display anything on my site. Only when I pasted the old snippet does it work in both MBL and text widgets.

    Thanks for the suggestion, though.

  2. The text widget worked for me, that’s how I got the new widget up here. Just an idea: are you using wp-cache? If so, you need to delete the cache to see the changes….

  3. Hi Zoli,

    We saw webgrrrl’s post and were alerted to the plug-in issue. We’re testing a fix and I’ll let you know when it’s fixed.

    Product Manager, MyBlogLog

  4. The code’s fixed. You need to go back into MyBlogLog and hit Get Widgets to get the latest code.

    Hope that helps!


  5. Would be nice if they pushed out the new widget on top of the old code so I don’t have to reinstall it.

  6. Ian,
    What is the advantage of using the wordpress widget vs. a text widget with the code? Based on my experience, the latter is generally more reliable.

  7. It’s amazing, how Yahoo’s doing everything right now. Launching new projects, upgrades old ones, etc. This should be all the time, not just after bad Q results and so on.

  8. Great topic Zoli

    I dislike the ‘shiny new widget’ so much that I am going to be removing it. It is so obtrusive. Perhaps for some folks this is a plus, but for those of us with a different taste in such things, it looks horrible.

    In the future if MBL gives it’s community some options I may use it again, but for now.. it’s gotta go.


  1. Mashable says:

    […] It had a shakey start, but amidst the talk of the business of Yahoo’s layoffs, the quiet launch of MyBlogLog’s new version of the Reader Roll has come off, and it looks nice. It has an admittedly much more stylish design. […]

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