Technorati is Borked – Not Only Right Now.

There’s nothing new or unexpected in this Technorati Monster screen:


In fact I see it so often, it feels like a standard Technorati feature.  Perhaps it’s time to remove “right now” from the title. Technorati is borked. (period)


  1. They’ve been borked a long time. I quit going when I saw they got confused and think there are two SmoothSpan blogs. They’ve never fixed that despite several inquiries on my part. It shows a fundamental DB architecture problem that’s pretty deep seated. When one object can suddenly become two over a very long period (permanently, apparently), it shows your cache has taken over in a bad way.



  2. That’s a standard Trati feature, too 🙁

  3. I was back over there the other day for the first time serious in years and I constantly got the same screen. Some things never change: Technorati has, and always will be broken.

  4. I also hadn’t used it in ages. But I finally got round to item 5,000 on my to do list (item 4,999 was start writing the blog, a year after setting it up …), and thought I would claim my blog in Technorati.

    And have spent all day trying every hour or so – but it has remained resolutely borked on 1 in 3 clicks.

    Still, it thinks my URL is invalid, so even when unborked it’s not going to work …

    Did you know you came no 2 in google’s serps for a search on ‘borked technorati’?!?

  5. I’m on Technorati and it’s simply just hit and miss.

    Sometimes they index my blog and update it just fine. But there are sometimes posts don’t just show up. I’ve got so many emails to them asking them to update the index. They get around to it but then it’s all out of order and weird. I just don’t bother with it much now.

    When I’m writing about something that’s going on right here, right now, it’s very frustrating. For example, I’ll go to Seoul Fashion Week and write updates about it in the evening. Since this is a one week event that is very exciting but only a few people go to, it’s great for people to read up on it. During the last Seoul Fashion Week, my posts simply didn’t get indexed at all.

    If the page doesn’t get indexed, no one knows about it. I’m just glad I’ve been blogging long enough now that Google indexes me pretty high up in web searches. I’ve given up on Technorati.

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