iPhone Battery Power: Worthless Comparisons.

PC World, Gizmodo, 9 to 5 Mac, Mobility Site , jkOnTheRun and probably a bunch of others happily report that while the iPhone 3g battery life can’t be compared to the first-gen one, it’s still better than any other 3G phones on the market today.

This is a worthless comparison without adding the important fact that other phones have replaceable batteries.  C’mon, spare batteries are so slim, you can easily carry one, and use your phone without any interruption  – except on the iPhone: when it’s gone, in about 5 hours, you’re dead.

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  1. Sure the battery on iPhone 3G is not that great, but what can we do? We want small size phones, powerful features and lengthy battery life.

    Just get a backup battery. I got mine from iPhoneck brands. Their new 3G backup battery is probably one of the better looking products in the market. Their website is

  2. Sharilewis says

    Thanks for your comments guys, I’ll carry out your suggestions and post my results of them A.S.A.P. So far, I’m loving the extra power from the BL-6F.

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