post Update – Is it Over?

Just ten days ago I reported on, a service that would allow consumers to hedge against future gas price increases.  Several things, including the business model and the founder’s background just “didn’t click”, so I was suspicious:

I Smell Something, and it Ain’t Gasoline

The story may just be coming to an end. Several Floria papers, including the Miami Herald, which gave an initial glowing review now report that is refunding their 6 thousand customers’ money.

But is this really the end of the story?  The company’s website (nofollow) has been revamped.  During the controversy they provided news updates on the frontpage, trying to explain why they did not have a payment processor..etc.  Now all that’s gone,  previous news items have been deleted, and – surprise! (not really) – the signup link is still active.

I hope nobody gets fooled into signing up…

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