Commodore is Alive

My first computer was a Commodore 64.  Most of you probably don’t want to know the specs:

  • 1Mhz CPU (yes, that’s One)
  • 64Kbmemory (Yes, that’s K not M), and only about half available via the BASIC programming language

I thought they were history.  Well, in a way they are – but they are LIVE! (if not kicking).

Commodore has announced a Netbook.  Not particularly desirable, if yo ask me – for some of the better ones check out GigaOM’s rundown, ironically also published today.

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  2. Ah, what a machine. I played my first games on it, and it made me exclaim: awesome graphics! What a machine that was 🙂

  3. Jan, I’ve tried to email you but it bounced … can you send a working email address? (don’t include it in the comment body, just the form:-) )

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