Am I Really So Sexy? C’mon…

Well, thank you all for finding me so sexy (blush, blush) that even my face pic is considered x-rated.  From somebody else I might even consider it a compliment, but it comes from  Gravatar, an “Automattic Joint”:

Which is why my gravatar does not show on WordPress blogs.  I’ve never thought one day I’d be caught by porn-filters. smile_sad


  1. Umm… Zoli, that is set by you. Apparently you think you’re sexy. 😉

    you can change it by logging into the gravatar site and pulling up your profile picture then clicking the rating to the right of the pic. Admittedly the discoverability of this is low to say the least.

  2. Ouch.. I had no clue. But of course I am not a Rocket Scientist. 🙂

    Joke apart, I have no clue where the rating came from. I had a gravatar long before they got bought out by Automattic, and i do remember seeing in displayed on blogs where I commented – then it just disappeared. Go figure…

    Thanks, Bruce!

  3. Actually, I think it’s the glasses. I showed your picture to a friend who is an afficianado, and he swears he remembers seeing you in some films during the early 90s….

  4. Ahh, but I am too old to remember my film-star past 🙂
    Actually, here’s my entire 3 seconds of movie-fame: (from 0.05 to 0.08) sitting with my back to the camera – of which I wasn’t even aware of…

  5. Soooo hot. My computer screen melted. 😉

  6. Your not sexy I mean c’mon look at the size of your head,thats why your sunglasses are so big they have to cover it up.The state of ya thinking your sexy I’ve seen deformed ducks better lookin in my time

    • Hmm… I did not think it was possible to take that title literally 🙂

      Btw, do the deformed ducks wear Transitions lenses, too?


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