Recruiting by Video

Originally a little side-project for Atlassian’s FedEx Day, which is their version of the Hackathon, Hack Day, YouNameIt-Day, I bet this video on Atlassian’s Core Values becomes a perfect recruiting tool.

And boy, they have a bunch of openings… have they missed the end-of-the-world-fire-30% memo? smile_wink


  1. Hi Zoli,
    Yes, that is a good one. I recently picked up on some other examples. Youtube etc are good channels for recruiting if used wisely.

  2. Mate – thanks for the nice re-post, glad you liked the video. We didn’t miss the memo, we’re just being pragmatic – like always. You missed a huge AtlasCamp last weekend, but make sure you don’t miss the Atlassian Summit – May 31-June 2! You’ll see why we’re being pragmatic 🙂 Tks again for the love. m

  3. Mike, I’ll consider this a Summit invitation 🙂


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