Nokia? Forget it …Kim Basinger’s Lifeline Would be an iPhone Today.

The 2004 thriller Cellular features three stars: Kim Basinger, Chris Evans, and a Nokia 6660 video-phone. The kidnapped school-teacher played by Kim Basinger pieces together a broken phone and reaches a random dude, Ryan (Chris Evans) on cell-phone – this call literally becomes her lifeline.

Ryan effortlessly uses his Nokia miracle-phone in the middle of a wild race in his (stolen) Porsche, even produces the video evidence that will put the bad guys away at the Happy End.

But are Nokia phones really so easy to use in real life?   Read on to find out


  1. I’m really confused about what your trying to endorse, is it nokia or iPhones? but I enjoyed the video.. thanks for the info.

  2. I use Nokia for 3 reasons
    1) very easy to use 2) the battery life is fairly good. 3) designs are always good as you would expect from Nokia.

  3. i like Nokia Handsets…because it is user friendly…easy to use..good features.. & backup…
    other phones give some features but Nokia is the Best.Mobile Phone

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