New Yorker Wins Megasztar, Hungary’s “American Idol”

Hungary’s version of American Idol, Megasztar ended this weekend, and the winner is Viktor Kiraly, who was born an raised till age 16 in New York.  Music runs in the family; both parents were musicians, sister Linda published CD’s in the US and the UK, and Viktor started his band with identical twin brother, Ben.

Here’s You Are So Beautiful by the new “Megastar”

From an earlier round, Where Do I Begin (Love Story):

And it wouldn’t be Christmas-time without Santa Claus is Coming to Town:


  1. Interesting. I guess it would be difficult for him not to have entered the music business with a family like that. I wonder how his parents and siblings reacted to the win. Perhaps they have some extra special music gene or something. 🙂

  2. Zoli, did you watch the final? 🙂

  3. Yes, more or less – my only chance is to download the vid’s from … almost complete, but not the real thing.

  4. Very talented guy, well done! I wish him good luck.

  5. The search for the next American Idol is now ongoing. Another young indivudual will be very lucky to show off their talent to the world and bring gome the cash price. Last year’s trailing contestants are out to get a second chance to stardom during this year’s season of the show. American Idol is the finding home of a few well-known faces like Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Hudson, who will probably never need payday loans. After last night’s premiere of Season 8, it’s looking like another season of music, fun and insults from Simon Cowell. The same familiar trios will be on the judging board; Cowell, Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson. A new judge is joining the panel this year, songwriter Kara DioGuardi. With an even number of judges, I wonder what happens if there is a tie regarding a winner or a loser.

  6. This kid and his family is pathetic…let’s see him sing the national anthem oh yeah he would be like his older sis and have no idea about the words

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