Netbooks as Fashion Items

Dennis calls the Netbook craze a fashion game.  He just doesn’t see the value – I strongly disagree.   But let’s just stay with the fashion line for a minute.  Dennis’s  normally technophobic wife asked him:

Have you heard about those laptops you can put in your handbag?”

Hm… it’s February 2nd – do I need to remind my male readers what comes in barely two weeks?

Here’s the perfect Valentine Day gift: a pink Netbook.  Or Pinkbook. Or Pursebook. smile_regular

Udate: on second thought, you can get a lot fancier:

Update: Cote points out a related ad.  Yes, there is a Netbook on that photo.. somewhere. smile_wink


  1. I'm a huge fan of the little asus'. Great little machines, I'll bet they didn't anticipate such a sales boom.

  2. Those are def useful. We used to use them in school all the time. Its too much trouble to lug a big one bck and forth to class.


  1. […] mention screen resolution.  Think about it: yes, Netbooks are becoming inexpensive toys, or fashion items for some, but how can they sell this thing without mentioning screen resolution?  Utter […]

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