Is the USA Really the Broadband Leader?

The US is not exactly the leader when it comes to Broadband or even Mobility – in fact we’re way behind several Asian and European countries.

But is that really true?  Professor Leonard Waverman of the London Business School disagrees.  He published a study on the World’s Connectivity Scorecard.  His key thesis is that penetration and connection speed is not enough to measure true connectedness: we have to consider to what extent the Consumer, Businesss and Government sectors put broadband to productive use.

The compound index reveals a few surprises: the USA is actually #1, closely followed by Sweden and Denmark, and in fourth position (surprise!?!) is Malaysia, leaving countries like Japan, Korea, Norway in the dust.

I am not entirely convinced about the US position, especially if we take a look at the Consumer vs Business segmentation … and don’t get me started on Government.

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Update:  Vinnie Mirchandani points out the serious flaws in the Study Methodology.


  1. Zoli, did you read the study methodology?

    I did and raised a number of questions below

  2. I’m surprised with Malaysia score, never thought that Malaysia’s e-Government ranking is close to perfect on the Brooking’s index, and government spending on hardware, software and computer services is that strong, (like stated in artcle ).

  3. It is if you look at the reach but not in percentages for sure

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