Stocks up as Bernanke says recession to end in ’09 (AP) – 28 minutes ago

Bernanke fears recession could extend to 2010 – 30 minutes ago

Now, which one is it?


  1. Both. Or neither. Depends.

    “Market participants don’t know whether to buy on the rumour and sell on the news, do the opposite, do both, or do neither depending on which way the wind is blowing”
    – George Parr quoting a ‘a statement issued by well know City firm’.

    How the market really works

    I think this two contradicting titles just prove the scene too true 🙂
    In all seriousness I think the second one is more accurate.

  2. And Greenspan is shocked at what’s happening now, after flooding the market with money…
    having a central bank is pure ‘fun’ 🙂

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