Just My Usual PC Rant…


My shiny new Dell Mini 12 on startup from hibernation:

Resuming Windows”  – how long do you think it should take?  30 seconds?  A few minutes?

Forever.  That’s all it does. Stuck.  Forced shut-off, start again.

Now it’s “Checking for updates to Adobe Updater”.  No kidding.  6-7 minutes later Adobe Acrobat Reader 9 is updated.  But now McAfee is updating itself.  

No wonder I hate desktop software.



  1. Woa. Some serious issues.

    Does the Dell Mini 12 comes with Vista or XP? Hard to believe these issues on XP.

    If so, you might want to consider Foxit instead of Adobe Reader, AVG instead of McAffee, although I doubt that will help much.

    • Dell first blew it buy pairing this underpowered Netbook with Vista.. that was death crawl. But now it’s shipping with XP.

      You’re right, I am using Foxit on other computers – this one I don’t really want to waste time on, it’s going back to the store soon due to other hardware problems.

  2. Just get rid of them. Like you, I own a Mini as well and I wasted the Windows as soon as I could. I now use a linux-based OS, not because I’m a fun of them but they’re less hardware demanding. And yeah, the notorious Adobe Reader. It’s still full of bugs, extremely sluggish and sometimes even the PC has to be restarted after update. There are some free alternative pdf reader available

  3. Oops, I should have read the previous comment. Foxit is a good choice

  4. Hibernating your laptop and resuming it can be a pain and sometimes will not boot up as what you’ve said. Mostly the cause of this is the software installed and automatically runs when you start up. Try switching different PDF reader or anti virus beccause this could be the case. AVG is free, light and not use up some of your cpu memory.

  5. MacBook: Less than 2 seconds

  6. Just delete those crap software, I bet even the anti-virus companies are making viruses and releasing them just to stay in market.

    Who the heck now days spends 100 hours making a virus ? to delete files ? Mh..come on..i bet he atleast makes some profit, which I don’t think someone will by randomly deleting computer files..

    And the adobe updates, they just make you’re computer slower, we have faster computers but softwares that take more space and speed. Seems to me where right where we started.

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