And Now, Here They Are: The Beatles

I grew up with them. Well, sort of.  They were already considered “Oldies” by the time I was an early teenager. But I guess I always liked oldies.  Just like so many others.. so The Beatles remained classics, for half a century.

And now, here they are again – at least in the form of an interactive game, due out next month.


The preview does not do justice to it, after all you can only passively watch it, while the real The Beatles: Rock Band will allow players to sing and play interactively with the Fab Four.  The game was developed by Apple Corp, which is not to be confused with that other entity in the business of making of iPods and iPhones and all sorts of Mac-things.

Read more @ Nick Carr’s  Rough Type, Crave and The New York Times.

And now, here’s your  Ticket To Ride.


  1. This interactive game is really very good for playing because i am also a big fan of the beetles!

  2. It is really an interesting game and it is indeed a great fun playing the game. It is favorite of many people. The video will be of great help to many people.

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