Cancer Dude’s Last Battle. Good Bye, Jeffrey

Damn. Damn. Damn.  Cancer s**ks.  And here I am, the blogger who thinks can write about everything, yet I am speechless.

Yes, Cancer Dude, Jeffrey Walker, businessman, musician, artist, family-man @radiowalker who fought and beat cancer so many times had one too many battles to fight, and he lost this last one.  Last night he passed away.

I can’t find words to write. Bloggers’ block, big time.  But he described his battle and inspired so many in his own posts:

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What I learned from Cancer 2.0

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Living with Cancer in Silicon Valley II: Survival Tips from a Hardened Cancer Dude

and some of my earlier posts:

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Jeffrey’s gone. Here’s an excerpt from his wife, Jessy’s email, very much in Jeffrey’s spirit:

Jeffrey loved blogging and he loved reading the responses even more. He was awed by the outpouring of love.  Going in to his surgeries, he read all the postings written and it gave him strength.

Let’s give him strength again. I know that somehow, he will see your comments on his blog.  Its a wonderful way to reach out to us too, his family.

Let’s say our final Good Bye to Jeffrey over on his blog.

And listen to him play one more time. During the last struggle, between two chemo treatments he played guitar at the  Stanford University Relay for Life:

Update:  I thought I’d let another guitar player say the final Good Bye: Only the Good Ones Die Young.


  1. Hey Zoli – so sorry to hear about Jeffrey. I didn't know him, but he was inspirational. I just went to a funeral of a client and friend of mine yesterday who passed away from stomach cancer. She was just 40. We are still battling through with Sam's mum, and taking each day as it comes.

    You are right. It is a sh*t of a disease. I am surprised the governments of the world are not mobilising every resource to finding a cure or prevention for it instead of making yet more bombs.


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