The Risk of Starting Your Tweet with @name

This is so obvious, yet little known – and although Mark Suster warned us all, I keep on falling in this trap.  Just today as I wanted to announce yet another great post by Mark, I tweeted this:

@msuster discusses how the Ice Age is thawing for Venture Capital

Big mistake.  Had I written “great discussion by @msuster”, a lot more people would have seen it. Why?

Read on to find out


  1. Very informative. I am new to twitter so it’s no surprise to me that I hadn’t heard of “Twellow” but now I have and it’s very helpful 🙂
    As far as the videos go, I agree with everyone else that they are a great addition to your blog.
    You’ve offered great information on how to start tweet with name. Thanks for sharing. Keep the great posts coming!

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