Prezi Dazzles: Live Recording of a Social Media Class

I’ve said before: if you wanto to dazzle with your presentation, use Prezi.  The Prezi team did to presentations what Google did to email: throw away all pre-existing notions, re-think why and how we use email (presentations) and build something from scratch.  That’s how you get results that truly dazzle.

Of course that brings up the question of just how much you want to dazzle: probably not too much in the corporate world: as Prezi throws away all notions of what presentations are (used to be), there would be  too much “undoing”, too steep a learning curve.  PowerPoint and Enterprise are too deeply intertwined.  That said  Prezi is a great tool (online and offline) for superstar freelancers, small groups, or just about anyone who gets on stage and wants to … yes, dazzle.

But Prezi can make you dizzy 🙂 at least in the video below, played 10 times the original speed.  So hold on to your chair tight, and enjoy…

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