The Perfect Out-of-Office Email Response

Normally I hate auto-responders, but this made me laugh:

Hi – thank you for emailing me.

When your email arrived, I was doing one of the following: celebrating
Christmas with my family, bringing in the New Year with friends,
getting married to my favourite person in the world, flying across the
planet, navigating the Indian transport system, riding a camel around
the Arabian desert or looking for jaguars in the Belizean jungle.

Needless to say, I won’t be able to reply to your email. My apologies.

Come think of it, all the above activities can be fun  – with one exception.  Which one?


  1. Navigating the Indian Transport System!

  2. Which one?

    • Espen!?! 🙂

      • But traveling by train in India is awesome! 🙂 Even on third-class. I made a video from a trip I took: It was a bit of a hassle getting off the train though. About 60 people stormed the train carriage before it had stopped and I had to push myself through and in the end kick people away when exiting.

        • But like I said; that was third-class. Otherwise it is pretty decent, all other journeys I did were in 2-class AC or 2-class sleeper AC. Seats were comfertable and there were seating reservation. Those photos you see of crazy overcrowded trains are usually local trains with third-class carriages. Not the case for longer journeys which I used the train for.

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