Dachis Acquisition Machine Reaches the 2.0 Adoption Council

20-adoption-council Emerging Enterprise 2.0 Consultancy the Dachis Group has just acquired The 2.0 Adoption Council.

I have mixed feelings about the deal. On one hand I am happy for Susan Scrupski, fellow Enterprise Irregular and E2.0 evangelist / thought leader.

On the other hand I would have preferred to see the Council remain independent – I’ve always thought this independent, peer-to-peer nature was part of the attraction for members, and that the formula worked especially well without a heavy-weight “owner” – Susan’s role, while trying to build a for-pofit business was more a facilitator in a self-driven peer-to-peer group.

But I guess business is business, and Susan likely had good financial reasons to join Dachis.  And for being “Social Business” experts I assume Dachis will have the smarts to find a formula that will allow Susan to enjoy more than usual autonomy, and the Council to remain independent – however difficult it may be.

The Enterprise Irregulars group is abuzz with talk of the deal – incidentally this is the third Dachis acquisition affecting one of our members.  Ramana Rao hit the nail on its head:

Just sayin’ in a 2nd beer sorta way, are we now Razorfishing Social Enterprise?

Spot on! I’ve always considered the Dachis Group  (and previously nGenera)  a classical roll-up business.  This is the third generation I’m witnessing, having seen firms emerge and hit $$$ big time in the 90’s ERP era, then the Internet era, and now it’s time for Social Enterprise.  (And I suppose some players have  learned the lesson of getting out earlier this time…)

Not that there’s anything wrong with it, it’s just business – and in the meantime Dachis clearly has the best names now.

And now all eyes focus on Toronto 🙂

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  1. Crap zoli. Just wrote a long post here, clicked on the Twitter ID for intensedebate, and the whole comment disappeared. Grrr. Will have to recreate later.

  2. i agree , it would be best if the council remained independent honestly. But like u said business is business and we all have to eat i will just wait and see what happens

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